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Remember 100 English words per hour forever!

Now it is so easy to learn English words! Thankful to original methodology of learning English words are remembered easily by your subconscious. You learn them quickly and forever! It is convenient that the program counts the learnt words. The average speed of easy study in the form of addictive game training is 100 words per hour. Download the free app on your phone or tablet, it can run on iOS or Android — just try it! The application works without the Internet, you can change the font colours, the background picture. Also you can add your words and select automatically English words from the text, which you do not know. There are more than 3500 English words separated by levels: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. On the word card there are translation, a picture and pronunciation of a word. You can use 4 types of training words: audio learning, quiz, test and writing. The English words used in the App will help you to understand speech and reading text. English phrases are translated into 79 languages, including all the CIS languages. There is built-in English language training with smart clocks and notifications.
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